What types of cosmetic ingredients does your company offer?
Greenway offers a wide range of cosmetic ingredients, including but not limited to fragrances, pigments, preservatives, emulsifiers, antioxidants, moisturizers, surfactants, and natural extracts. Please contact us for more specific information if you have any particular requirements.
Do you provide samples of your cosmetic ingredients?
Yes, we provide samples of our cosmetic ingredients. Please get in touch with our sales team to provide your sample request and relevant details.
What is the minimum order quantity for your cosmetic ingredients?
The minimum order quantity depends on the specific cosmetic ingredient. We have different minimum order quantity requirements for different ingredients. Please contact our sales team to learn more about the minimum order quantity for a specific product.
Does your company support customized production of cosmetic ingredients?
Yes, we can customize the production of cosmetic ingredients according to specific customer requirements. Please contact our sales team to discuss your customization needs and requirements in detail.
Have your cosmetic ingredients received environmental certifications?
We strive to provide cosmetic ingredients that comply with environmental requirements. We actively seek suppliers with environmental certifications and ensure that the ingredients we offer meet environmental regulations and guidelines.
Do you provide relevant safety data and technical documentation for your cosmetic ingredients?
Yes, we provide relevant safety data and technical documentation, including Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), technical specifications, and quality certification documents. These documents are available for your reference and download to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the purchased cosmetic ingredients.
Do your cosmetic ingredients have any toxic side effects or allergy risks?
Our cosmetic ingredients undergo rigorous testing and evaluation to meet safety requirements. However, as everyone's skin type and allergic reactions may vary, we recommend conducting appropriate skin testing before using any cosmetic ingredient and seeking advice from a professional doctor or expert, if needed.
What quality standards do your cosmetic ingredients adhere to?
Our cosmetic ingredients strictly adhere to international and industry-specific quality standards and regulations such as ISO and GMP. We ensure that the provided ingredients meet the requirements of safety, purity, stability, and have good traceability.
How to confirm the products quality before placing orders?
COA first for you to check the specification,and we test everybatch of our productby HPLC.UV,GC AND TLC AND etc. We also cooperate with independent third partylab such as SGS,PONY etc.FREE SAMPLES of .some products can be sent on request,only shipping cost needed or a courier to collect account to take the samples.
How to make the payment?
We accept Western Union,Money Gram Bank Transter,T/Tand Alibaba Trade Assurance(Credited Card)as well.
When will you deliver the goods?
Usually shipment within 3-5 days after payment receivedFor customized products,it depends
Does your company offer international logistics and transportation support?
Yes, we collaborate with reliable logistics partners to provide global logistics and transportation support. We ensure the safe transportation and timely delivery of cosmetic ingredients to meet the needs of our customers.
How will you deliver the goods?
We have strong cooperation with TNT,UPS,FEDEX,EMS,China Air Post. Forcontainer products,we can do sea shipping. You also can choose yourown sipping forwarder.